Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon’s shopping?

Amazon 2018 Early Black Friday promo for artisans' handcrafted products

Amazon 2018 Early Black Friday promo for artisans’ handcrafted products. Save this season’s 20% off handmade gifts right now>

promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon

Prime Day 2018, save 30% promo for the top-rated brands of Vitamins & Supplements on Amazon Elements>>>

Customers save 50% on select vitamins & supplements at Amazon Elements right now >>>

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Amazon is on its boosting, their profits appear to continue to grow with the sustainable opening of more fulfillment centers across the U.S.. It expect to hire thousands of growing employees spans the year. But as customers, you will find it more expensive to buy at Amazon.com. They don’t make large-scale promotions on important holidays just as they did in previous years, and it’s hard to see the usual promo codes offered for buying clothes, shoes, hats, jewelry, watches, luggage, and more of the fashion items. The best days of shopping on Amazon seem to be over. In fact, things are far from over. Amazon has been adjusting its promo methods of the mix of commodity for several years. They attempt to distribute customers buying behavior of picking favorites direct from some of Amazon’s regular categories. For ought that think out, shopping from the regular category helps to immobilize the benefits of both Amazon and customers. So as below, we try to explore the details of the categories one by one, and when the results appear, we will learn how to get the most benefits of shopping on Amazon. 

Benefits Customers Get From AmazonBasics

In holiday season, AmazonBasics launches unique promo regularly in a limited time, such as extra 20% off or more this  Cyber Monday deals week there > As Amazon’s house brand that offers everyday essentials in customers’ need , AmazonBasics delivers high-quality products at a competitive price to customers. For the ordinary days, shop a benefit selection from the AmazonBasics here >>>

Benefits Customers Get From AmazonBasics
Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon’s shopping?

Benefits Customers Get From AmazonBasics

Benefits Customers Get From AmazonBasics


Benefits Customers Get From Amazon Exclusives

promo on Amazon Exclusives

Amazon Exclusives is well-known in showcasing sellers who want to sell some products on Amazon marketplace by using their own website as well as physical stores. As far as Amazon Exclusives is concerned, they are not only an ordinary company offering products but also benefits that you will never get from other stores.

Be there benefits if you’re going to get in touch with Amazon Exclusives? Yes, there are. ON benefits, there could always be one-stop shop you need to consider and it is Amazon Exclusives. They are an amazing shop that provides the best benefit you need.

To give you an idea how can Amazon Exclusives helps, here some of the benefits that it offers and they are as follows:

  • Collection of Innovative Brands and New Technologies

At Amazon Exclusives, they have a wide arrays of collection of exciting and innovative brands and technologies suited for your needs. From different kinds of shoes up to those sports as well as outdoors and electronics, you’re assured that Amazon Exclusives can always give you the right product you need.

All the products which you can only see in the store of Amazon Exclusives fulfill by Amazon which provides many benefits to Prime customers. This means that you have wide arrays of choices to choose from and you can always pick the best one perfect for your need, preferences and taste.

  • Discounts

If you’re one of those online customers that just want to shop online to grab the discount opportunities, then Amazon Exclusives is the best shop for you. It is a one-stop shop for you to consider that offers discounts to some of the products that they offer.

The discounts range from 15% off and more that you will  love. What more can you ask for? Amazon Exclusives has only the best discounts to offer you. No matter what happens, you can always get the chance to enjoy the discount that they offer.

  • Get The Chance To Win Both Popular as Well As Up-Coming Brands

Amazon Exclusive also promised to continue adding some popular brands as well as those up-coming brands of products that suits your need and taste. They are doing this to assure that once you visit their page, you can always get the chance to view the product you need. From those popular brands of the market in these days up to those brands of the future, you can always have it here in Amazon Exclusives.

If ever you plan to do some online shopping, do it here at Amazon Exclusives. You’re assured there are many benefits that they offer. Apart from the wide array of products they offer as well as the huge amount of discounts that they would give, you will enjoy the companionship that Amazon Exclusives can give you. Click to Amazon Exclusives here>

[pullquote]Amazon Exclusives: Body Essentials[/pullquote] [pullquote]Amazon Exclusives: Fashion Central[/pullquote]

Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon


Benefits Customers Get From Amazon Exclusive Only For Prime (Hand-Picked Deal)

hand-picked deal

Amazon Prime Member are lucky enough to get benefits from the Amazon Exclusive handpicked deals by Amazon. These are the types of deals which only give to Prime members. To those who are not yet members, there is no need to worry since you will give a 30-day trial free to get access to these kinds of deals. If you love the deals offered, you may continue your Prime membership. If you are not happy, you can just cancel your membership.

15% off exclusively for Amazon Prime

As far as the Amazon handpicked deals concerned, you may take the following benefits into consideration especially if you are a Prime member and below include:

  1. Lowest Prices/ Discounts

When it comes to Amazon exclusive only for prime handpicked deals, you’re assured of getting the lowest prices of products. You can save a huge amount of money if you are going to be a Prime member. You’re assured to receive up to 15% discounts or even more on all the stuffs that you’re going to buy. This consider to be a big advantage especially to those who have a limited budget.

  1. Wide Array of Product Brands to Choose From

Part of the benefit that Prime members can get from Amazon exclusives is to browse the wide array of exciting and amazing brands of products they want to buy that suits their taste, preferences and needs. Some of the product brands that you may browse being a prime member of Amazon exclusives include EPARE, Mengo, Silpada, Slyde and a lot more. This only mean to say that you give wide arrays of brand choices to choose from. From those popular as well as up-coming brands, you’re assured to take benefit to  buy any of these brands of exciting and new products in Amazon.

So, if you’re one of those people that wanted to have the chance to grab only the best brands of products of Amazon at its best price, then don’t to miss the chance to become part of their prime members. Rest assured that you may never regret becoming a prime member of Amazon Exclusives because of the benefit it offers.

These are only two of the best benefit you may get from Amazon exclusive only for prime members highlighting those handpicked deals only. There are still a lot more of these benefits that you can receive if you will become a prime member of Amazon Exclusives.

Become an Amazon Exclusive Prime Member Today!

So, what are you waiting for? If you also want to get such benefits enjoyed by Prime members mentioned above, don’t miss the chance to try to become an Amazon Prime Member of Exclusives. You’re assured that you will not just get benefit of this membership, but you guarante to enjoy this kind of membership. Click here to Amazon Exclusive only for Prime (hand-picked deal)>

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Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon


Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Elements

Amazon Elements deal

Amazon Elements is a division of Amazon that specializes in dietary supplements. The company also offers a QR code on the bottle for dieters to learn more about every supplement. Amazon Elements currently offers Vitamin D2, Calcium Complex, Vitamin K2 and Turmeric Root Extract. The supplements brand on  “transparent origins” and “premium.” Amazon underlines the origins of the products it offers. For instance, the product page for the Elements baby wipes to allow you to click on a slideshow that shows how and where they made. From the supplier details to the extracts and water used, it states clearly.

Benefits of Amazon Elements

  1. You can use an Amazon mobile app to scan an item’s transparency bar codes to learn about its authenticity and origins. This is worthwhile to those who concern about how products made and what chemicals they have. All you need to do is to open the Amazon mobile application, tap the camera icon that you see in the search bar and scan the product’s bar code. From there, you can reorder with ease, write your own review or contact Amazon.
  2. Every product provides with a large, colorful marketing page that shows its contents and roots. Product descriptions state the products don’t contain chemical preservatives, gluten and artificial flavors and colors. It also says the product made in a GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices facility in the US. Except from this, Amazon authenticates the purity, integrity and potency of the ingredients as well as includes the test results on the website to gain the trust of customers in a competitive and shady industry.
  3. Not every supplement made equal. Many brands have found to offer contaminated products. Some don’t even contain the ingredients stated on the label. Amazon assures that it’s not the case with their products by stating that their products tested by ISO-accredited third-party laboratories and Arizona Nutritional Supplements, a supplement maker.

What you need to know is that not all shoppers can get Amazon Elements supplements and vitamins as these products are only available to Amazon Prime member. So you need to ask an invitation to buy the product that you want. Those who want to buy these products will inform on email in the “coming week” when their wished product becomes available.

Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon

Amazon has been working to expand its private labels in the past several years. They have recently moved into consumer packaged goods or food, consumables, fashion as well as baby food and more. Amazon has, in fact, launched more than hundreds of products with different levels of success. The sales of Amazon Elements products have doubled year after year. In fact, it has a 12% share of the company’s category. New Elements products are also heavily promoted on the website, so you can visit the site if you want to know the latest products offered by the company. Click here to save from Amazon Elements >

Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon


Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Essentials

Amazon Essentials is exclusively for Amazon Prime Member

Amazon Essentials dedicate to creating high-quality, durable and affordable everyday clothing that you can depend on. It has a large selection of clothes for men and women, including shirts, pants, undergarments and a lot more. Their line of intimate apparel for women includes underwear multi-packs and sleepwear. Amazon Essentials also has plus-size. With their consistent sizing, you can take the guesswork out of your shopping and choose the size that best suits you right away. Every piece also tested by customers to keep the highest comfort and quality. Here are the other benefits of Amazon Essentials.

save on daily essentials


Amazon Essentials starts with customer reviews when making their wardrobe essentials. This allows them to create higher quality, longer lasting and more comfortable clothing at affordable prices. The clothes is also customer tested. Amazon considers from customers and adjusts every detail until every piece of clothing gets their stamp of approval.

Consistent Sizing

You don’t need to worry about getting the wrong size because of changes of the manufacturer’s sizing. Amazon Essentials’ consistent sizing assures you the sizes of their entire selection of clothes remain the same. This makes it easier about you to order your daily essentials.


Amazon Essentials’ clothing is comfortable to wear. They offer classic bikini panties that made of cotton and elastane. The bikini panties is machine washable and have a hint of stretch to guarantee a secure fit. The printed label at the back waistband ensures tag-free comfort. The shirts and pants included in line are also breathable, so you won’t feel discomfort while wearing it.

Available 24/7

You can buy clothing regardless of the time. If you don’t have time to go out because of work or other responsibilities, you can always buy online. Amazon Essentials offers a large selection of clothes, so there is always something for you to pick. There are formal clothes and there are casual clothes as well.


You can shop not only in the middle of the night, but also in the early hours of the morning. Whether you are at the café, in your bedroom or park, you can buy your whished clothing. You don’t need to wait on queues to pay for your order. All you need to do is to add what you want to your cart, choose your preferred payment and that’s it. Buying Amazon Essentials clothes helps you save time, money and effort. You can also buy a gift for your friend and have the clothing delivered to their location.

Another benefit of buying Amazon Essentials clothing is the bargain opportunities. Watch out for discounts and sales during the holiday season. It is a great way to save money on buying clothing online. You can take advantage of the special deals offered by Amazon Essentials. With Amazon Essentials, you can save a few bucks and get your wanted clothes anytime and anytime. You cannot miss such good opportunity. Amazon Essentials is exclusively for Amazon Prime Member>

[pullquote]exclusively for Amazon Prime Member[/pullquote][pullquote]exclusively for Amazon Prime Member[/pullquote]Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon


Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Exclusives (Deal)
[pullquote]Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Exclusives[/pullquote] [pullquote]Weekly Legend Giveaway with Twitch[/pullquote]
Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Exclusives
Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Exclusives

Amazon Prime is popular with Netflix-style video streaming and free 2-day shipping, but it offers other benefits that you don’t want to miss. Here are some of them.

Free Magazines and Books

The latest feature of Amazon’s Prime Reading allows you to access free e-books on tablets, tablets, phones and other that can run a Kindle app. The selection also includes rotating collection of Kindle Singles, magazines, travel guides, comics and more.

1 Free e-book Every Month

Prime subscribers get free access to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, allowing you to get 1 e-book every month or read it on any Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader.

Free 2-day Shipping

Most of Amazon’s products will arrive at your doorstep in 2 days, given that you live in the adjoining US. There is also no minimum order. You can also choose to waive the 2-day delivery offer in exchange for credit that you can use on digital buys such as movie rentals and e-books. This can find on the checkout page when you are choosing your shipping choice.

Alexa Deals

If you have an Alexa-compatible device such as a Fire tablet or Amazon Echo, Echo dot, the virtual assistant will give you a list of random Prime-exclusive deals. If you want to buy something on Alexa deals, just ask  “Alexa, what are your deals?”, and everything will done.

Prompt Access to Lightning Deals

Prime subscribers get access to Lightning deals half an hour ahead of nonsubscribers. Lightning deals run while supplies last or for a limited time only, so getting early access to it is worthwhile to those who want to earn cash.

Restaurant Delivery

This offer promises real-time delivery tracking, no menu markups ad easy ordering. It’s offered in 20 cities worldwide and 30 cities in the US. You can use your ZIP code to see it offered in your area. In case it is and you’re a Prime subscriber, you will get free 2-hours delivery after your order. Now Amazon offers extra $10 off promo code ‘AMAZON10’ for first order through Amazon Restaurants>

Free Audiobooks

Audible Channels for Prime provides you with unlimited access to select audiobook send a series of original audio. These audiobooks limited to streaming, so they cannot download for off-line listening.

Free Release-date Delivery

If you preorder a new book or a new product, you will get the product on the exact day it releases. This offer only applies to some items.

Ad-free Twitch

Twitch allows users to share and watch game videos. By linking your Prime subscription to the Twitch account you are using, you will enjoy a viewing experience that is ad-free. You will also get 1 Twitch channel every month free as well as exclusive discounts on your game purchases.

Free 2-hour Delivery

Prime Now delivers restaurant food, groceries and other products in 2 hours or in 1-hour if you pay another $7.99. It’s offered in a few cities.

Flat-rated Free Delivery of Household Items and Groceries

Prime Pantry will deliver toilet paper, shampoo, dog food and other items free, but you have to order a minimum of 5 qualifying products to take advantage of this offer. Otherwise, you need to pay a flat $5.99 delivery fee.


Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Launchpad

Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Launchpad

Amazon Launchpad is most interesting that creates to sell one of a kind products created by startups. Amazon did a good job when it came to creating this project, because its primary purpose is to showcase the perfect and most impressive quality offered on the market at this particular time. It is something unlike you have ever seen, and the platform enables you to support the best startups out there.

Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Launchpad

The prices are affordable too, because Amazon Launchpad features the best and most interesting startups out there. And it seems that their deal here is to provide customers with sales and great prices. So, everyone wins here, because customers have immediate access to a good set of products. At the same time, startups can showcase their products and make a name for themselves on a platform like this.

Why is this featuring so important? There are many startups out there that just can’t get exposure to the online world. This is such a problematic if you are new on the market, and the Launchpad allows you to deal with this issues. The entire of getting access to all benefit like this is simple, and you get constant exposure does pay off a lot.

[pullquote]Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Launchpad[/pullquote] [pullquote]Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Launchpad[/pullquote]

Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Launchpad

Plus, Amazon has the regular, low fees that make it easy for you to get a stellar profit without having to worry that much about the first investment. It’s nice to use this and it can indeed pay off a lot for the long term.

Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Launchpad

The simple fact that you can get a stellar return to investment shows just how much importance can the platform brings to the table. You will surely appreciate the sheer value and quality offered by the Launchpad, and you should consider giving it a shot right away, because it’s well worth your time.

That said, you need to have some of the best and highest standard products if you want to feature here. Yes, you can get exposure, but to do that you need to have the best features and value for sure. As long as you do that, you won’t have to worry about anything, as Amazon will handle the rest. And yes, it can indeed help you produce a ton more sales. Plus, the Launchpad helps you with branding too, which means that it’s well worth the time investment!

The benefit here is that Amazon Launchpad designed to showcase any startup. So it doesn’t matter what industry you refer to. As long as you have a focus on helping customers from all over the world and the products are for consumers, your startup can use Amazon Launchpad. For consumers, this is a great way to find and support new startups, a nice and fun idea that will surely take off soon!


Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Wickedly Prime

Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Wickedly Prime



Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Interesting Finds

Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Interesting Finds

Amazon Interesting Finds is somewhere to find perfect gifts of acceptable price. It emerges there fixing the endless search for the best gifts for your need. This Amazon category is just like Pinterest that curates a long list of click-worthy titles of fun and the most interesting, well-designed products. Click to find your Interesting>


Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets

Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets

Amazon is always looking for ways to provide new services to customers, Prime Surprise Sweets is just the recently. So how do customers enjoys this kind of service? Three steps: One, purchase a Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button, set it up somewhere; Two, press your Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button when you need; Final, Amazon will deliver your Prime Surprise Sweets box to your doorstep, what’s in the box? it’s secret but an entirely enjoyment!

Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets here >

[pullquote]Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets[/pullquote] [pullquote]Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets[/pullquote]
Benefits Customers Get from Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets
Without promo codes, how customers benefit from Amazon’s shopping


 In a word, Amazon always moves forward in the process of change, customers as well need to adapt to Amazon’s new services to get the most benefits from the change. It is because Giant Amazon is too powerful by now, we have no too many choice but to accept its rule. 

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