Promos for new concept products through Amazon Day 1 Editions Program

Day 1 Editions

Special price for pre-orders on dressed Echo through Amazon Day 1 Edition program> limited-time at 8:59 AM PT by August 13, 2021.

Amazon Day 1 Editions

Amazon Day 1 Editions Program is now available on Echo Dot (4th Gen) limited edition. New concepts include Midnight Kiss, Ikat, and Twigs in collaboration with Diane von Furstenberg. More detail>


Amazon new concept products

Only 5-days left, pre-order Amazon new concept products through Amazon Day 1 Editions Program right now>

 Day 1 Editions

Amazon’s Day 1 Editions Program offers the opportunity to purchase the initiative products designed with the most innovative ideas. By choosing to participate in Amazon’s Day 1 Editions Program, you are going to make your favorite smart device real. And after an introductory promo period, the product change to full price, you may still have the purchase option due to the limited supplies. You charged only when the item ships. Now there are three new concepts for pre-order:

  1. Smart Cuckoo Clock – the smart clock that keeps you on time in style.
  2. Smart Nutrition Scale – the smart scale gives nutrition info in an instant.
  3. Smart Sticky Note Printer – a smart printer helps to make quick notes hands-free.

Click to pre-order these concept products from Amazon Day 1 Editions Program right now> 

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